A groundbreaking progressive design to create a clear and confortable visual experience. With corridor lengths of 14, 15, 16 and 18 mm. A large far vision zone with accurate stereoscopy that balances and eliminates undesired prismatic effects.
Its near vision zone is wide, stable and reliable. With optimized (aspherical) design to improve visual clarity. Aberration-free Intermediate zone to improve transition between zones.
All this and more makes the ExaONE an all purpose design with great adaptability, versatile and exceptionally confortable to the eye.

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Basic Near

Multipurpose progressive with a wide far vision zone and easy adaptation, prioritizing the near vision zone to facilitate reading.

Basic Far

Multipurpose progressive design with priority in the ​​far vision area, with a wide intermediate zone that allows an easy adaptation.


Designed for reading in small frames. It offers an extra wide zone in the near vision area, without forgeting the far vision.


Extra-Soft Progressive design with an even wider corridor to achieve an exceptional adaptability. Designed for the novice and demanding user.


With a very clean far vision area that makes it ideal for outdoor work.


Specialty Progressive that focuses in far vision area for a clear panoramic vision with an extraordinary intermediate zone. Designed for medium to large frames. It is ideal for driving.


Bifocals with FreeForm technology, for people who find it difficult to adapt to progressive designs.

Single Vision Conventional

Spherical and toric designs with the precision of FreeForm technology.

Single Vision Optimized

Aspherical and atoric designs that increase the optical performance of the lens, conserving the visual axes, as the case may be, across the entire surface.